paper plains

welcome to our humble abode. please keep your shoes on.


A Melbourne-based food truck with wacky rice paper rolls and a social conscience.

EST. 2017 

We went into this business not only to sell rice paper rolls, but to sell the idea that young people CAN be change-makers and that they CAN positively impact the world if they are just given the chance.

Paper Plains was started in 2017 by two young sisters  who decided to take the leap and the associated risks in the business world to show others their age that they could do the same. Neither had any experience in the food industry (both with a more science based background) let alone in the business/start-up industry. Both however, were passionate about realising youth potential and creating a platform for young people to do all they can and be all that they are. 

A year on and we've achieved more than we could possibly imagine and not only as the only rice paper roll food van in Melbourne but also as a social enterprise working to empower young people in innovation, creativity, start-up, design and more simply, entrepreneurship.