We totally get it. We get it from all sides. We get it from a teachers perspective and we get it from a student's perspective- school can be a total drainer at times. Students don't engage and teachers are sometimes so dull (no offence to either party, this is just some real talk). 

With our 2 co-founders being a current school teacher and the other a current student, we reckon we have what it takes to subtly disrupt the curriculum, inspire the youths and inject a bit of spark in their imagination and motivation to become the brightest, most creative, innovative and game-changing generation there is. We are HUGE believers in their potential to change the social sphere, hustle and create things that we, right now, think are quite impossible. 

We give the students full transparency into our business, how we started, why we started, we we are going, the hardships and the ins-and-outs of what it took us to get where we are today. We are to here to share every bit of knowledge we have to the youths of today because they really are the success of our tomorrow. 


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