paper plains takes off


Paper plains takes-off

When we said yes to Coburg Velodrome Food Festival, we were asked 'you've done lots of festivals and things yeah?' to which we replied 'oh yeah all the time'. In reality, we had never done a festival nor did we actually have a truck/trailer. What we did have though an Instagram account, a website that was still 'coming soon', a couple of trays for catering from the $2 shop under our belt and drive- lots of it. Fast forward 2 weeks and we have a fully functioning website, more than 5 trays and most importantly, our very own kitchen on wheels. 

We didn't have our eyes set on this date, it kind of all just happened. We weren't even expecting to be able to get there and were fully prepared to pull out of the whole weekend (both being at the Coburg Velodrome Food Festival and Hank Marvin Markets). But the insanely amazing team at The Little Caravan Company aka Archie and his team made it all happen for us (with MANY things that went wrong, which we will go into detail about in our next blog posts) 

Really, we just wanted to use this post to say a huge thank you to all the people that came to our opening weekend at both Coburg Velodrome and Hank Marvin- there are no words and no way that we can express how grateful we are for all the support we have been given from our family and friends, believers and overall supporters in our journey and over the last 3 days. 

To the following people, it meant the world to see you and we are forever grateful <3

In no particular order, 

Linh Nguyen. Jennifer Roan. Rose Nguyen. Nicholas Roan. Quang Roan. Christina Loccisano and Kosta P. Pauline Lai. Vicky Le. Charlotte and Jonny Revill. Sarah Holloway and Nic Davidson. Nat and Steve Warner. Carly Underwood. Kara Bertoncini. Madeleine Gill. Melanie Hudono. Chiara, Bianca and Natalia Molini. Crissi Tedesco and Anth. Nick Andrews. Mackenzie Curtis. Vanessa Villani. Ange Chirico. Natalie Menotti. Laura Vincini. Rachel Duffin. Poppy Steer. Jake Swab. Hollie Weekes. Jac Munro. Kieth Marriott. Susie Makhoul. Ella Price. Sylvia Christofis. Jane Porter. Sylvia Tran, Nathan and Bac Khanh. Oliver Lovell. Amalia Athanassopoulos. Steph Reed. Chris Erkotidis. Claire Reed. Kien Nguyen, Alice Lei, Jasper and Olive and Alice's family. Ali Councillor and Partner. Randi and Jess. Khang Nguyen and the whole of Macleod Class of 2013. Phuong Phan, Steve Russell and Lily. Mummy, Jonathan and Amy. My-linh Le, Lyna Tran, Cass, Brendon, Cindy. Meutia Widodo. Claire Rollinson. Hayley Lynch. Kathy Russel and Axil. Jack O'Neill and Co. and of course, Bianca and Archie Paras.