our roots

The Paper Plains story began on November 21, 2015, at 1:45AM in the German student town of Dresden. Trying to figure out the connection between Germany and Vietnamese rice paper rolls will most likely keep you up at night, so lettuce bring some light to the situation for you. 

Whilst backpacking around the world last year, our mama (let's call her Ang for privacy's sake), couchsurfed her way around Europe to experience it in the most pure (and cheap) way possible. Because couchsurfing was a 'free' form of accomodation, with no monetary exchange, she decided to exchange something more valuable- a cultural experience. She combined her love for food and her Vietnamese heritage and taught her couchsurfing hosts how to make rice paper rolls using the ingredients available in their respected countries

After rolling all over Europe with a huge range of travellers, she came to realise the versatility of rice paper rolls and the joy it brought to the people rolling them. There were wacky flavours being created- pecorino cheese with tofu and vermicelli..- but it wasn't until garlic bread was being rolled in the small town of Dresden, coupled with mulled wine that the interactive experience became an exciting idea. 

Today, Paper Plains is committed to providing the wackiest and healthiest rice paper rolls, inspired by the places we've been and the place that we're from. We want to share a piece of our childhood and heritage with you, so our food trailer has been designed to allow the High-Rollers (you guys) to sit down and roll some yourselves with the guidance of our professional/expert rollers - mainly our grandma, Ba Noi.

We're 100% refined sugar free, gluten free and vegetarian (and vegan friendly) so that no-one misses out!

We would love for you to join in on the ride.