Why did we do it?

The million dollar question; Why? 

There are many reasons as to why we all do things, anything- spontaneity, impulse, peer pressure, boredom... The reason for us starting up Paper Plains was none of those (actually, maybe a tiny bit of spontaneity because spontaneity is the spice of life). It's never been about the rolls, it's never been about a food truck, it's always been about The Movement- this has been the driving force and has what has kept the Paper Plains Food Truck fire alive. 

Paper Plains exists solely to try to change the perspective of society and shift the mindset of 'kids can't do things' to 'hey! kids can do just about anything'. We, in Melbourne especially, are surrounded by a plethora of local businesses and start-ups- it's THE hub for entrepreneurship since Melbourne is the breeding ground for innovation and creativity! There are endless opportunities and support groups for people wanting a career change so that they can live a more fulfilled life through creating something of their own and chasing their life dreams. There are workshops, seminars, conferences and constant events for aspiring business owners, yet none of them actually target youths. 

In our eyes, youths are the future. Youths have the ideas, innovations AND the brains (believe it or not) to create the things that most of us would never be able to. We (us young people) are growing up in a generation and time that is the closest to what society will evolve to be. Sure we're reckless and sure maybe our pre-frontal cortexes aren't fully developed but our risk taking nature could be what the world needs a little bit more of. With a little bit of a kick/nudge in the right direction, we reckon that young people have the ability to seriously change the world for the better. 

We built this business not only to make a stand for youths in entrepreneurship and to show the world that we (youths) can actually do great things, but to also give support and opportunities to the young dreamers and go-getters out there. This year, we aim to hold a 5 series 'Young Hustlers' event whereby students of all ages (high school and tertiary) are given the opportunity to show case their enterprising skills on a larger and real-life scale with the help with the leading brands and businesses in the market today. (take that as a call out/plea to any businesses/brands/corporations out there that are willing to help us in this Movement- give us a wing wing herro if you are!)

We're not here to change the world. No, it's not something that we're trying to do. We're here to inspire others and show them that they simply 'can'. Because THEY are what's going to change the world. 

So, in supporting Paper Plains Food Truck and devouring 1, 2, or 37 rolls, you're unintentionally changing your perspectives towards young people, indirectly supporting a small-scale Movement for youths in entrepreneurship AND investing into the future. Not too bad if you asked me!