auburn high school


OUr day of fun @ Auburn High 

Ahh high school...

So Ms Price (a legendary teacher from Auburn High) approached us with a crazy idea - what do you think about coming in to talk to my Business Management kids? - we were like...ummm YESS PLEASE. That's probably about all it took and it was locked in. Did we have any idea what we were in for? Nope. #Classic.

We're cool. We're hip. Of course the kids would engage and listen to us.. Um apparently not. Our first session with the year 12s went a little something like this..


Us: Hey guys! How are we?!

Students: -_-

Us: Ok cool! Well this is our story.... blah blah blah... feel free to ask us any questions you like. We believe in being 100% honest about everything so ask whatever you like.

Students: -_- .... -_-

Us: Ok.. so what kind of things are you interested in?

Students:..-_- .... -_-...-_- .... -_-....-_- .... 


You get the gist.. We did have some brave kids answer | ask questions but we walked out of the session thinking :O

You know the saying, the only way you can go is up right?! So true..

Our next session with the 11s was great. We adjusted our talk (as Ross would say...PIVOTTTTT) and spent more of our time having individual chats about their enterprise ideas that they had developed in preparation for the $20 Boss program (if you don't know what this is, totally check it out. It's run be the rad group called FYA). Some pretty great ideas and buzzz being generated - clothes apps, wine-making, book-flippers for people with motor neuron. THIS was the kind of stuff we were excited about - watching the kids light up when they realised that their ideas are actually possible.

Our last stop (originally not on our schedule, we were so pumped about being in high school again that we decided to stay and chill with these cool kids) and our favourite by far (I know you're not supposed to have favourites but shhhh) was the year 8 Humanities class. They GRILLED us for the whole 40 minutes. Was it them stalling so that they didn't have to do work or were they genuinely interested? We're going to say that it's the latter... haha. Anyway, the flow of conversation and questions was incredible. No filter, no guards and so they asked all of the awkward questions that people who are 'polite' wouldn't ask..

  • How do you deal with agro customers?
  • How do you feel about manipulating your community into buying your stuff?
  • How much did it cost?
  • Are you going to franchise?
  • What partnerships do you have/ going to have?
  • Who's your target market?

We even had a kid bring us a lead...

" My mum works with Swisse so maybe you could talk to them and sort something out".

..What a legend..

Gotta say, I think we're going to have some budding little geniuses coming out of that class! (Sorry not sorry VCE kids)

Anywayy....OMG what a day. So much fun was had and we are so thankful to have had the chance to hang out with these cool kids. Reminded us of how much we love this stuff, why youth empowerment is so important and really, why we do what we do!

Thanks Auburn! Rice to roll with you!